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Custom Home Organizing
Virtual and in Person Services

  • Are you overwhelmed by “stuff” in your home?

  • Are you saving items for your grown children or “just in case?”

  • Are you frustrated when you can't find items when you need them?

Say goodbye to chaos and experience the liberating feeling of a well-organized and clutter-free home.

Declutter. Organize. I’ll Help.

I help clients get to the right amount of stuff, where everything has a place in their home. My clients can easily find things, and they feel in control of their space. They have peace of mind, and their homes have a new, relaxed feel.

I can assist you in achieving these same results by:

  • Helping you thoughtfully sort your things

  • Creating organizational systems

  • Sharing resources of what to do with your discarded items

Whether you are downsizing, moving, joining households or you just want the peace of mind of having a more orderly environment, I can help.


Start your journey to a liberated home today.

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She asks non-judgmental questions that helped me decide to keep or release things with ease. My place felt more spacious, open and free; an amazing transformation.


Perry, KS




I am so grateful for Erin’s gentle encouragement and clear direction. Her vision of how to accomplish a project speaks to me and is easily actionable.


Sandia Park, NM


My Goals


Erin has a talent for helping people get organized. My projects seemed so overwhelming but with Erin, I have accomplished my goals.


Kansas City, KS

Liberate Your Home

Decluttering increases happiness and self-confidence; reduces stress and anxiety.

Decluttering is a liberating experience that opens the door to a lighter, more joyful life. Other benefits include leaving less for heirs to sort through, feeling peace of mind, and feeling in control of life. Decluttering and organizing can happen before a move, at a life event, or anytime a person feels overwhelmed and want less chaos. When everything has a place, you not only know where to find a particular item, you also know where to put that item when you are finished using it.

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Clutter can impact stress levels and relationships.

Research has found one of the culprits of clutter is extreme fatigue. People are “oftentimes so mentally and physically exhausted that they don’t feel like they have the energy to take care of themselves or their surroundings. Many people are overwhelmed with clutter in their homes. Our skilled team at Home, Liberated helps you discern what truly matters, guiding you through the process of letting go of the unnecessary.

Partnering with a professional organizer can be a great way to declutter.

The fact that you don’t have history with the organizer, as you would a family member or close friend, makes the process much easier.

Decluttering is always the first step; it’s the most important step and for many people it’s the most difficult step. The end result of this step is to get to the right amount of stuff; what you have left are the items that you really love and support you in the life you want to live.

Designing an organizational solution where everything has a place is key; like items are stored together and everything is labeled.

Hauling discarded items out of your home immediately will make the progress visible. I am commitment to keeping things out of the landfill by finding another home for all discarded items.

I offer affordable in person services, and virtual services via Zoom. I am ready to support your journey to a liberated home.

Watch some of my latest media by clicking here.

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