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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the free initial consultation commit me to anything?

No. The 20-minute free initial consultation is a no obligation conversation about your goals & vision for your space, the process and how a partnership works. After that consultation, you can decide if you’d like to schedule a session with me.

Where can I take the items that I’m discarding?

I strongly believe in keeping items in your community and out of the landfill. Therefore, you can:

  • Take them to charitable organizations and thrift stores

  • Share them with local artists and teachers to use

  • Donate them library book sales, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, fundraising garage sales

I don’t have the time or physical ability to haul my discards, any suggestions?

  • Hire a teenager in your neighborhood to make your deliveries for you. Mark each sack/box with the destination, so they know where to deliver them.

  • Contact Habitat for Humanity ReStore or fundraising garage sales and inquire about a free pick-up service

  • Depending on where you live, put the items on your curb and post a notice on your neighborhood email list, Facebook marketplace, Craigslist and Free Cycle. Only leave your items out for a couple of days, then try a different approach to get rid of the rest.

  • Google “junk removal near me” and pay a company to come collect your discarded items

I’d like to get some money for my discarded items, any tips?

Selling your items takes additional time & energy; it slows the process of getting your discarded items out of your house ASAP; and delays the gratification that comes from seeing instant results from your work. So first make sure you have the extra energy to sell your items.


If you are set on selling your items, I’d recommend selling to a reseller; you only get a fraction (on average 30%) of what they will receive – but you get those items out of your home immediately, and you will achieve your goals & vision for your space much quicker. Resellers include:

  • used clothing stores

  • book stores

  • antique stores

  • used music stores

  • pawn shops

What is the best way to offer items to my family and close friends?

Take pictures of your unique and meaningful items. Send the pictures to your friends and family, (via text, email, google drive) asking if they would like the item(s) and defining the pickup/delivery details.

  • For local friends and family, give them a week or two to come collect the item.

  • For distant friends or family, let them know you will ship it and will need to be reimbursed for postage.


Only offering what you feel each person would really love. Be aware that in general this next generation doesn’t want ‘stuff.’ Don’t take it personal if they don’t want what you’re offering; you don’t want your excess to become someone else’s excess.


It can be very exciting to know your discarded items are going to someone who would really use them, even if it’s outside of your family & close friends. It’s a good idea to let your family and close friends know you are going through this process before you begin and ask if they are interested in anything specific.

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